4th full length album “TURBULENCE FROM THE DEEP”

We are proudly announce our fourth studio album ‘Turbulence From The Deep‘. Consisting 10 (1 outro) straight forward Death Metal tracks. Local order can directly email us at humiliationband[at]gmail[dot]com. International order please proceed with our official label, Deepsend Records.

Pre-listen “Phosphorus Shell”

TURBULENCE FROM THE DEEP, Deepsend Records – 2013

Tracklisting :

1. No Return
2. Operation Obeo One
3. Phosphorus Shell
4. Calibrated Chaos
5. Bachok’s Invasion
6. Sea Denial
7. Home Front
8. Total War
9. Order Of Battle
10. The Deadly Double
11. Submerged At The Seabed (Outro)

Review from All About The Rock :

“The young Malaysian band return with their fourth and quite possibly their strongest full length release. Humiliation puts out an album, basically every year; however the albums are still quite strong and does not show that the band is getting stale. Enter a newer approach that they have gone for with this release by incorporating some doomier moments, ala Asphyx and you have a band that is willing to add a different dimension to their sound and it works so well for them. Check out Operation Obeo One, around the 3 minute mark until the end of the track, reeks of classic Asphyx pounding rumbling doom-this part is one of the most punishing on the disc….. “

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