In May 2009, due to the enthusiasm of Metal music, a band named HUMILIATION existed under the flag of Death Metal genre.

The band that based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (capital city of MALAYSIA) started with 4 lineup that are Bear Bee (vocal), Matt (guitar), Afe (bass) & Mudon (drum). HUMILIATION embraces Old Skool Death Metal that is influenced by bands (to name a few) such as Benediction, Massacre, Bolt Thrower and etc.

Music wise, HUMILIATION plays mid tempo along with heavy sound and minimal guitar solo. As for the lyrics, ideas are in relation with war theme, battle and humanity which are the world’s undying affair and remains as it is as long as human are alive.

Nearly one month past of spawning lyrical ideas and practicing own songs, HUMILIATION entered recording studio beginning June 2009 to fulfill band’s reverie in having very own debut release. The recording session went patchy as band members need to juggle with their daily life. Eventually, the band surpassed those hindrances and managed to complete by September 2009 and thereafter followed by the mixing. The mastering process was then accomplished by October 2010 in USA.

Ultimately, in November 2009, HUMILIATION debut release “Face The Disaster” (CD EP) is unleashed under Nebiula Production (Malaysia label). This release consists of 4 heavy mid tempo songs that are ready to bleed Old Skool Death Metal devotee ears!

After “Face The Disaster” was released, HUMILIATION reckon that the band necessitates to have an additional guitar player for band live performance heavy guitar reverberation. Afe has suggested Shah (a guitar player) to occupy the position since he has no commitment with any other band at that time. The band hails Shah to the hordes. And by end November 2009, HUMILIATION lineup are Bear Bee (vocal), Matt (guitar), Shah (guitar), Afe (bass) & Mudon (drum)

The opportunity for playing live appeared in December 2009 in a charity gig for donation of an ailing metalhead (Sham War66 R.I.P). From then on, HUMILIATION was invited to play in several local Malaysia gigs alongside with local and international acts.

While playing in gigs, the band finds times to compose new songs and have the courage to come up with a debut full length album. In April 2010, HUMILIATION entered the studio again and this time, the band recorded 10 brand new songs that are still in the vein of Old Skool Death Metal!

With an Intro and Outro, this 12 tracks of HUMILIATION debut full length album “Dawn Of Warfare” is officially released on 1st July 2010 and is aiming to blow up Old Skool Death Metal devotee ears!

After the release of their debut full length album,the band play a few gigs before they got an offer to release a 7″ vinyl EP. The band started to practice and then on October 2011 they entered the studio again to record 3 song for the new release. The official release date for “Brink Of Defeat” was on 1st July 2011.

While waiting for the release of “Brink Of Defeat” the band entered the studio one more time on March 2011. With 12 new songs the band just hope they can continue on the battle that they started. Unfortunately, in every great battle there have to be sacrifices. Before the release of the 2nd full lenght album, Shah(Guitar) decided to leave HUMILIATION and he ask to find a replacement for him.

It was hard for Shah(Guitar) to leave the band but he have other commitment that he need to fulfill. The band respected his decision and hope that everything will work out for him. Even with a man down, HUMILIATION knew they have to continue on and decided to search for a new band member. The search was over when Aie(Guitar) agreed to join the band.

So, with nothing holding the band back they release their 2nd full length album “Seek To Survive” on 23th September 2011 with the hope to bring Old Skool Death Metal to its glory.

Once again, HUMILIATON lost a guitarist. Aie decided to leave the band due to personal issues. Asraf was called for audition and later announced as the new guitarist early 2012.

Few months after, HUMILIATION entered the studio in March 2012. 11 tracks were recorded during the session and become the third full length album entitled “From Strength to Strength” which was released on 29th April 2012.

The band looks like never want to get slow after 3 albums. Few months after From Strength to Strength, composing period began and they entered studio again to record 10 tracks for Turbulence From The Deep. This fourth full length studio album was released by Deepsend Records (USA). The label done a very good job on promoting the album, HUMILIATION got many positive reviews worldwide.

But HUMILIATION war is far from over and will continue on as long as they can. Even at the “Brink Of Defeat” the band will strive and “Seek To Survive” marching “From Strength to Strength” to raise Malaysian Death Metal flag to the next level.

“HUMILIATION battle is just begun!!!! Behold Malaysian Old Skool Death Metal Insanity!!!!”


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