Ave Noctum (UK)

Ave Noctum Turbulence From The Deep Review

For their latest representation of warmongering, Humiliation take us to the depths of the sea. The themes of this latest album by the Malaysians are distinctly nautical. From the Bukit Kepong incident of “From Strength to Strength”, the previous album, we are now taken to the Battle of Tarakan and “Bachok’s Invasion”, both referring to Japanese naval offensives in World War II…Full Review

Wicked (US) Turbulence From The Deep Review

There are so many standouts on this release including Operation Obeo One and Calibrated Chaos, which incorporate some great groove-oriented riffs. Both of these tracks offer plenty of variety in tone and tempo, but are as heavy as an anvil as they hit you in the chest. Tracks like Bachok’s Invasion show that this young band can ramp up the speed when they need to as well…Full Review

The Grim Tower (US)

The Grim Tower Turbulence From The Deep Review

This album from Malaysian war-themed death metallers Humiliation reminded me a whole of Bolt Thrower, which is both a good and bad thing. I’ve heard only a few of Bolt Thrower’s releases, yet I’ve always found their approach to death metal a little too dry for my tastes, which is the same thing that I’m going to say about these guys. Turbulence… is a decent enough effort, but it just seems to drone on too long and doesn’t seem to have enough kick….Full Review

Heavy Metal Tribune (US)

Heavy Metal Tribune Turbulence From The Deep Review

Ever since gaining recognition from the underground, Humiliation has been touted as the Bolt Thrower of Asia, and as soon as the first riffs of No Return hit the listener, it is rather easy to tell why. The entire sound of Humiliation is crushing as fuck, yet the band manages to maintain that slight groove that reminds one of the aforementioned Bolt Thrower, and the more mid-paced material of bands such as Jungle Rot or Obituary….Full Review

Auxportesdumetal (France)

Auxportesdumetal Turbulence From The Deep Review


After an intro made ​​noises that could well be those of a submarine combat (I imagine, for the illustration of wallet friendly), the music appears. And with it, a name immediately comes to mind: Bolt Thrower . This way riffer very heavy on rhythmic pounding a bit hypnotic obviously refers to the work of the British tank. But when the song comes, more rough than the one used in Bolt Thrower is a second name that comes to mind: Asphyx . The two groups are not so far apart that it’s one of the other since, as you may remember, Martin Van Drunen (singer ‘s Asphyx ) had been acting for a time with Bolt Thrower . In addition, Asphyx is a group that also like the very heavy tempos. For heavy, there is here. Anyway, here to give you an idea of the music played by humiliation . In terms of themes, of course, is the Bolt Thrower in the text (and you probably guessed from the pouch). The tracklist does not leave either too much room for doubt, judge for yourself: Operation Obeo One, Home Front, Total War Order Of Battle …
Full Review

Metal (US) Turbulence From The Deep Review

Working steadily from the concrete jungles of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Humiliation is up to their fourth full-length with Turbulence from the Deep. Unlike many other death metal bands from that region that go for more brutal music, Humiliation distinguish themselves with cleaner produced war topic oriented death metal. In a recent conversation with a friend who was born in Malaysia I learned that the horrors of World War II did not escape that country. When people were fleeing their villages from Japanese invaders they often had to hide in rivers or lakes, and if any of the babies made noise they had to be drowned to save the whole village population. So the subject of war, turns out, is not foreign to Malaysians…Full Review

Forbidden Magazine (US)

Forbidden Magazine Turbulence From The Deep Review

When I first opened up this promo, my expectations went from high to low rather quickly when I laid my eyes upon the cover art and title. ‘Turbulence from the Deep’, the fourth full length from Malaysia’s Humiliation, set off more alarms of being disposable than I could count before I even got the CD in the stereo. Perhaps I haven’t spent enough time on a submarine to find them that intimidating…have you? Did Bear Bee (yeah, that is his credited name), Humiliation’s lead vocalist, have a near-death experience as a seaman and live to tell the tale on this album? In my experience, a ‘Skullfull of Maggots’ or ‘Inherited Bowel Levitation’ was a bit more alarming than a collection of songs about RF interference, torpedoes and being lost at sea. But I digress… – See more at: Review

Crossfire Metal (Germany)

Crossfire Metal Turbulence From The Deep Review

Translation :

Hey, cool! My Malaysian friends Humiliation are starting again! Last year I discussed all their three albums here. A little later, a split 7 “on vinyl. Quite active, guys. Already follow album No. 4 for the fourth year in a row! Hardworking, industrious! Who but now suspected by a loss of quality, is on the wrong track! After all, “Turbulence From The Deep” convinced through and through. The opening track, “No Return” already suggests: Right, there’s no turning back! If you like old Death Metal, is caught immediately. Slow and somber at best Bolt Thrower-style place them go, with the usual good and sophisticated production that has nothing to do with all the modern rubbish that is sold to us lately as often as death metal. Also Asphyx and old Hypocrisy to me right away as a suitable comparisons. The second song “Operation Obeo One” makes the same score. “Phosphorous Shell” takes its drive rather then on Unleashed. “Total War” and “Order Of Battle” drive pretty well going forward. To conclude, there is a short acoustic piece. The rapid pace of early works is unfortunately completely. Nevertheless, Bock makes the fourth album totally more. Convince even without thrashing Humiliation again completely and create it for us to serve Death Metal sounds of really old, to say so in the late eighties / early nineties. Cool!Full Review

Pop Dose Zine

Pop Dose Turbulence From The Deep Review

Malaysian death metal soldiers, Humiliation will release Turbulence From the Deep this summer on Deepsend Records. Their fourth studio album sees the band continue on their path of mass destruction while forging a doom-laden approach to their death metal arsenal. It should be no surprise the band warship at the tank known as Bolt Thrower. Musically, Humiliation focus on mid-tempo headbangers with heavy anthems of war, lack of humanity and minimal guitar solos. Turbulence From the Deep sees the band shift to a more doom/death Asphyx approach to songwriting…. Full Review

Queens Of Steel Zine

Queen of Steel Zine Humiliation / Decrepitaph 7′ split Review

“The always brilliant DECREPITAPH are a band that is characterized by a Death Metal sober and quite dirty, apart from its many splits. The last one came out a couple of weeks and performed with the band from Malaysia called Humiliation. This collaboration consists of a theme for each combo and is a good example of the amount of underground bands that are in the extreme scene, whose quality stands but lack any advertising or word of mouth needed to have more recognition.

Meanwhile, “Enemy’s Perimeter” Humiliation is cut and has a higher rate than the previous but the patterns remain similar to those of DECREPITAPH.

So if you’re a fan of extreme Death Metal and want to discover a couple of combos that are worthwhile, do not think twice and takes this split.

Eldritch Lunar Miasma / Dybbuk (2013)

Rating: 8/10 Read full review

The Noise Is Ours Zine

The Noise Is Ours Zine Humiliation / Decrepitaph 7′ split Review

Humiliation enters on side B with Enemy’s Perimeter. These Malaysian deathsters are influences by war and have a meatier sound than Decrepitaph did on the other side. They too switch between pacier and slower sections, although they favour faster music overall. The production is more even here too, with the guitars being allowed more room in the mix, with the drums sounding very good. Variation wise though they stick to more of a rigid blueprint, which actually fits their style of death metal very well. A larger audience will appreciate the more modern sound, but this split does a great job of highlighting two bands with different approached and styles, which is what the format is best at.Read full review

Worm Gear Zine

Worm Gear Zine Humiliation / Decrepitaph 7′ split Review

………..Humiliation are cut of a different though no less bloodstained cloth, channeling their masters in Benediction and Bolt Thrower as they do upon the cymbal-smashing, headbashing intensity of ‘Enemy’s Perimeter’, a song likely pumped over loudspeakers in military barracks for inspiration. Like their UK Warmasters before them, Humiliation express War with rage, remembrance, and reticence. Theirs is a Death Metal suffused with the potent piss and venom of a soldier-in-training, taught to forget all else except the will to kill, and the will to do so with ‘extreme prejudice’. The riffs revive the best of the mid-tempo OSDM variety, and two-and-a-half minutes in, when the drummer takes command with a 4/4 steamroller, the onslaught is such that any self-respecting Metalhead must immediately engage in the slinging of whatever hair he or she has left. In the words of the immortal Karen Carpenter, ‘(this band) has only just begun.’ -JimRead full review

Doomed To Darkness Zine

Doomed to Darkness Zine Humiliation / Decrepitaph 7′ split Review

This is a review of a 7 inch between California’s Decrepitaph and Malaysia’s Humiliation which was released as a joint effort Eldritch Lunar Miasma and Dybukk and we will start off the review with Decrepitaph a band that has been featured before in this zine with a musical style I would describe as being ancient doom/death metal.

……….Next up is Humiliation a band that plays a very old school form of death metal.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats being utilized at times, while the bass playing has a very dark tone with riffs that follow the riffing that are coming out of the guitars. Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast death metal riffs that are very heavy and old school sounding in the early 90′s tradition and there are no guitar solos or leads present on their side of the recording. Vocals are all deep death metal growls, while the lyrics cover violent themes, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful, heavy and dark sound in the old school death metal tradition. In my opinion Humiliation are a very great sounding old school death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out their music. RECOMMENDED. In conclusion I feel this is a very great sounding split and I would recommend it to all fans of doom/death and old school death metal. RECOMMENDED BUY.
Read full review

Metal Psalter (US)

Metal Psalter From Strength to Strength album Review

……Humiliation play meat and potatoes death metal avoiding anything fancy in favor of a full on frontal assault. The music is primarily mid-paced, and is dominated by the type of big meaty riffs that bands like Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Obituary have built their careers on. From Strength to Strength is a very consistent album, and as such it is difficult to pick out highlights. I did find the pummeling mid-tempo groove of “Counter Offensive,” and the hulking main riff that is featured on “Preposition of Violence” particularly gratifying. The slight melodic flourishes that show up in several songs are another aspect of Humiliation’s sound that point to a heavy Bolt Thrower influence. Everything here is very well executed though, and it feels like a band paying a respectful tribute to one of the titans of the genre, rather than a cheap knock off…… Read full review

Worm Gear Zine (US)

Worm Gear From Strength to Strength album Review

……..Compared to some others who follow behind the mighty rolling tank from England, Humiliation fares quite well. Slugathor, while perhaps a bit more original than Humiliation, has a mediocre sense of melody and is spotty. War Master delivers about half the time, though rarely delivers good riffs or vocal ideas when they do fast stuff (which is strange, since they were once half of the blazing grind outfit Insect Warfare). Humiliation ignores the grind era of Bolt Thrower (I like grind, but think Bolt Thrower got much, much better once they slowed down), and focuses on steady, mid-paced rolling tank power.

Surprisingly, Humiliation is actually a slightly SIMPLER take on Bolt Thrower, with even more steady chugging than their progenitors and even less activity on the fret board. Compared to Bolt Thrower, Humiliation’s vocals are more desperate, sparser and less stately, and there are a couple of attempts at slightly catchier choruses (“Blind Bomb” and “Fast Kill”), which are pretty good……… Read full review

Maximum Rock (Romania)

Full gig review in Bucharest, Romania

Translate :

“Follows a young death metal band just at the other end of the earth, namely Humiliation in Malaysia (not to be confused with homonymous Indonesian band). Bee singer Bear, Mudon drummer, bassist and two guitarists Asraf ERA and Matt made ​​their entrance on stage intro “Set The Fire” excerpt from the last album entitled “From Strength To Strength” material rather than promoted in this concert. Next we put the tray are four songs on the album were talking and come to the conclusion that if you are willing and have the patience to discover new bands, you can find quality music in the most unexpected places in the world. Comparing with previous group, the lyrics have been distinguished without much effort but there is a lack of memorable solos, duration. Even though we did not see too well because the boys did not seem to have any more than 175 cm, the atmosphere was one gear back in the fight, war or battle, which would lead to more demonstrations moshing putting available so fans a healthy cake pieces like Bolt Thrower.”

Setlist Humiliation (Satan Claus Metal Party. Bucharest, Romania. 15/12/2012 :

01. “Set The Fire” (intro)
02. “Days Of Terror”
03. “Counter Offensive”
04. “Bukit Kepong”
05. “Lost Contact”
06. “With One Objective”
07. “Battlefield”
08. “Minefields (A Way To Kill)”

Sprengies World (Germany)

Full review in Germany

” HUMILIATION – The death metal roller from Malaysia
Since I could not really decide I’ll do an interview or a review I decided to simply an introduction of the band with a few words to make the music.
And it comes to HUMILIATION from Malaysia. What, Malaysia? Yes people also there is a small but nice metal scene and the music has its great role models from Europe and USA in no way inferior. HUMILIATION was founded in May 2009. For the first cast included Bear Bee (vocals), Matt (Guitar), Afe (bass) and Mudon (drums). In the further course of 2009 there was the second Shah added guitarist and kompletierte Line up the

We can classify the music of the guys in the classic old school death metal. Here one can certainly put up the comparison to BENEDICTION, MASSACRE, OBITUARY, or, or more, to the English Death gods BOLT THROWER because you will not be disappointed! The sound is really dirty, and old-school cool.

Currently there are already 3 albums, 1 EP and a 7 “EP from the boys.

2009: EP Face The Disaster
2010: Dawn of War
2011: 7 “EP – Brink of Defeat
2011: Seek to Survive
2012: From Strength to Strength

Most striking of all publications to date are the covers that appear in the BOLT THROWER war-like theme and will continue this tradition is guided so on. In 2013, already 2 new publications are planned. It will be two 7 “EPs. Share Their first EP, the guys with the Mexicans of DECREPITAPH. This new gem will be available through the band itself and Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records from England, unfortunately, is not yet a known exact release date. The second EP will be coming from the Holland WARMASTER. This is targeted at the end of the year but unfortunately there is still no further information.

If you now “the Boar is exactly my music” thinks then let me tell you, HUMILIATION come to Germany for 2013 currently a known festival appearance. This will be the “in flames Open Air” in Torgau, which takes place from 04-Jul 06, 2013th So whoever wants to look at the boys, along with GRAVE, EXHUMED and Cryptopsy. has the opportunity.
I hope I could bring you this exotic little closer and make palatable, for risking an ear is worth asking anyway. The death metal roller from Malaysia!”

Teeth of the Divine (USA)

Teeth of the Divine – From Strength To Strength album Review

“I love getting my hands on obscure, previously unheard (to me) metal bands, and they turn out to be enjoyable – case and point Malaysia’s Humiliation, and their third full length album, From Strength to Strength.Admittedly I had zero expectation whatsoever, but amid all the proggy, tech death and deathcore ringing in my ears, Humiliation hit the spot like a artillery shell. Pun fully fucking intended.
What we have here is simple, no frills old school death metal that does a fucking spot on Jungle Rot impression, so depending on your opinion of Jungle Rot (granted, mine was pretty low until last years surprisingly killer Kill on Command) you may or may not care for a Malaysian knock off. But, on the bright side, that also means a damn solid Bolt Thrower influence by association. War themed, chugging, riff based, thunderous death metal, and its done very well. The drumming isn’t exactly stellar, the songs plod by with a meandering pace, but there’s something about the primal, simple, down-tuned tenacity and earthy rumbling that puts a grin on my face every time I listen to this ………….” Read full review

Amboss Mag (Germany)

Amboss Mag – From Strength To Strength album Review

Translation :

“After Hendrik has already written the review on the 2011 album “Seek to Survive”, here now to review the 2012er album “From Strength to Strength”. Even here there is a more than 3 minutes very doomy, slow intro that prepares you directly to the first song. The second song rumbles and then go directly to the band holds only at the end of the plate.

The mixture of high and mid tempo parts is perfect. The sound is very clear and mixed spongy under any circumstances. Here you realize that the band puts a high value on crunchy guitar riffs. The songs are all very varied and leave you wanting more. Throaty vocals and punchy arrangements characterize this board. As Hendrik has already written, you realize the clear Bolt Thrower bonds, but it’s still real and HUMILIATION create their own interpretation of uncompromising death metal.
Any death metal fan can access maintained. I hope the band on their European tour in winter 2012 can live, because if the power and the pressure of the live CD also can convey, it can only be a unique experience. Playing tips: “Counter Offensive” and “Blind Bomb”

Beowolf Productions (USA)

Beowolf Productions From Strength To Strength album Review

“HUMILIATION is one of my favorite bands in the underground scene today. They hail from
Malaysia and play a killer mix of Thrash & Death Metal music. The music mostly leans towards
the Death Metal side, but the Thrash Metal influences are present, this is mostly in the guitar work.
The music is done in an old school style of Death Metal music. It has the feel of 90′s European
Death Metal colliding with Florida & Mid West American Death Metal. I love the killer grooved
out sound they have through out their songs. There is a strong rawness to their sound that takes me
back to the early days of Death metal music. The vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty Death
Metal growl style. If you were to mix early CARCASS, DEATH, MALEVOLENT CREATION,
SUFFOCATION & OBITUARY together and add in a few Thrash Metal elements, then you’d get
this killer Death metal machine. I am happy to hear that HUMILIATION just got signed to
DEEPSEND RECORDS recently and will hopefully have a new release out soon. Check out this
killer band before they explode and get huge in the Death Metal scene!”

Crossfire Metal (Germany)

Crossfire Metal From Strength To Strength album Review

Translation :

“Humiliation from exotic Malaysia are pretty busy. First established in 2009, 2010 came out the first, 2011, the second and now 2012, the third album. In between there were two EPs. The Asians go only very small steps. But that is a good thing. While the debut mostly midtempo herumdümpelte and on the second album was gegelentliche Swedish sounding lead guitar pack, they only now time from the accelerator. The intro “Set The Fire” begins with hot war drums The right opener “Days Of Terror,” however, it is all right to the point and it continues unabated.. “Artillery Open Fire,” “Counter Offensive”, “Almost Kill” and and and … No matter! who only reads the title, has been fixed to hear the album, and is thereby disappointed with any some Zigen tone. All three albums, this new death metal hope are highly recommended. failures or weaknesses can not be found. This should any traditional death metallers hesitation! tip access to exotic bonus

Crossfire Metal (Germany)

Crossfire Metal Dawn Of Warfare album Review

Translation :

Humiliation come from Malaysia and play death metal the old school. This debut, released in 2010, would also loose the mid-90 can be released. The production is remarkably clean and punchy and Mucke is the finishing touch. Humiliation put more emphasis on rhythm than on speed. The music sweeps right, although the Uptempopassagen fail. Rather, they move in the midtempo range that is highlighted very often with double bass, which often reminds Bolt Thrower and Obituary. Also, Deicide, Morbid Angel or Sadistic Intent come to mind as a comparison, although the tunes of these bands is still much faster and more technical. The well-phrased, deep vocals can easily keep up with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity or Immolation. Songs highlight worth not really. Because the album sounds like a uniform. 2Dawn Of Warfare “is finally back a death metal plate that is fun and not the handset overused. And for even Malaysia? Who would have thought? Tip!

Crossfire Metal (Germany)

Crossfire Metal Seek To Survive album review

Translation :

“Humiliation from Malysia place only a year after their debut album “Dawn Of War” from 2011 album No. 2. It begins with a super slow Lavariff that me a bit of the “Asphyx” album by Asphyx remembers (1994). Then it goes further but equally, as we know of them. Rhythmic mid-tempo death metal with a lot of double bass decay, but without ever being in high tempo. The song is used to powerful, bold and clean production. Is a slight difference to the predecessor, however: While Humiliation has yet fully focused on the debut on U.S. death metal, also sound every now and then Swedish-sounding lead guitar. Most striking is that in “Death March”, which is based entirely on bands like Grave or Desultory. All different genre influences combine to create a quite independent retro brew that will turn green with every old-school death metal band in awe. The second album is a must buy for traditionally-minded Death Metal Heads!”

Canadian Assault

“The album title these Malaysians chose is a great one, as it really does describe what they have been doing, which is continually improving and churning out quality year after year, from strength to strength indeed. This album is no different as Humiliation roll out menacing song after menacing song, similar to tanks rolling in formation as they head into battle. The band has a penchant for writing classic sounding, catchy yet heavy and brutal riffs. Yes they strive for a sound of their own, but will still give you nostalgic feelings of classic days of dm genre. I still hear influences from old bands like Malevolent Creation, Bolt Thrower, Asphyx etc… ”

Supreme Brutality

“On its third CD Humiliation continues where the band left of on Seek to Survive. The music is very much inspired by Bolt Thrower. That of course doesn’t exactly provide the music with much personality, but apparently the Malaysian five-piece doesn’t care. ”

Amboss Magazine (Germany)

Translation :

On the PartySan we camped by chance next to metalheads from Malaysia and by the time we arrived at the interview that Afe plays in a death metal band. Thus, we had met a new band, while also their bassist. HUMILIATION committed to the old school death metal. Is with a nearly 2-minute intro doomy their 2nd Album opens. Thereafter, the main influences are clear relatively quickly. Bolt Thrower seems like everyone in the band from Kuala Lumpur. Obituary or even death can be here and “hear” because times!

The 10 songs + in-and outro are blended into a massive sound that really pressure. In conjunction with the predominant mid-tempo you have produced here quite a roll. In addition, they also drive well 20 years ago would have on the market can get, but still can spray at the present time its full charm. The vocals are guttural, of course, with a proper Hall occupied and fits well into the music. It’s just fun to hear this record. The overlaps with Bolt Thrower are indeed on every song, but do not interfere. I would recommend this band to anyone who is on a slow old school death, but in Britain is not the access. A good alternative, I hope the band makes the leap to Europe and establish itself here. (Hendrik)

Nocturnal Cult (USA)

Humiliation interview with Bradley Smith (Nocturnal Cult editor)

Nocturnal Cult (USA)

Humiliation haven’t changed their style at all, they just continue to refine and hone their craft ensuring that each album is deadlier than the previous. From Strength To Strength is a devastatingly crushing album of heavy, midtempo riffage and singular vision. No compromise, only war-oriented death metal. Let the barrage begin!

Lords of Metal (NL)

Musically it is still from the same mid tempo old school death metal source the band draws its inspiration, so, Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets and Bolt Thrower are once again the names that pop into your head when listening to ‘From Strength To Strength’.

Hateful Metal (Germany)

For this you get but powerful death metal with a really great singer and a lot of good riffs, most of which are pushing hard, but sometimes are faster and more melodic.

Ave Noctum

Judging this album alone, it’s clear that the band has picked the right themes for their brutal and uncompromising style of death metal.

Supreme Brutality

The five-piece are good song-writers and overall I think the band has matured a bit. There are lots of catchy riffs and parts all over the CD.

Hateful Metal (Germany)

Seek to Survive is sonically brutal Opus, from the massive riffs and great singing live, that is organic and guttural but always understandable

Pavilion666 Metal Rock Webzine

HUMILIATION knows how to find the riff that hits

Nocturnal Cult

You can clearly see the establishment of their characteristic rumbling style of battle oriented death metal.

Beowolf Productions

I really dig these guys a lot and will definitely be cranking these two release loud and often for years to come”

Canadian Assault

“Some killer death metal for fans of Bolt Thrower and the great 90s British death metal bands”

Hateful Metal

“I was pleasantly surprised, for instead Geholz brutal it is slow to medium fast Death Metal”

Lord of Metal

“Every fan of mid tempo death metal should check out Humiliation”

Masterful Maga’Zine

Where last year’s EP “Face the Disaster” was a good throwback to the classic sound of Asphyx, Obituary and Bolt Thrower, this full length culminates this band’s evolution to the next Bolt Thrower”

Metal Psalter

“Dawn of Warfare is by far the diamond in the rough of 2010 and an album you seriously need to own”

Metal Team UK

I would absolutely urge every Bolt Thrower fan waiting in the trenches for the order to go over the top, to do so now, seek this out and get a copy, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed” – Lee Kimber TOP20 -

Metal Observer

“HUMILIATION definitely have an old school vibe down, but instead of raw nasty Death Metal, a pretty solid cross of Stockholm-style Death Metal crossed with the vibe of the early 90’s American east coast”

Spirit of Metal

“Humiliation’s only vocation is to play Death Metal, the Old School way”

Supreme Brutality

“If you like death metal old school and with lots of Bolt Thrower and Dismember type of riffs and parts then you should give this Malaysian five-piece a chance”

The Metal Forge

“Everything is raw and harsh demo-like quality between the four tracks here, but that brings out the old school death metal sound even more”


“Who would have thought that Sweden Death humid climate of Malaysia can flourish in it.”–_CD-Review_.html

Voices From The Dark Side

“This album is presenting ten tracks of fucking Death Metal right from the heart and the feeling is making the difference here. Let’s say it this way – the HUMILIATION line-up is definitely not incorporating a second Chuck Schuldiner – and maybe their music seems simple compared to other leading acts.”

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